Digital Out Of Home: Influencing Society .

Imagine that the final scene in that great block buster everyones talking about. only its not your 60-something year old T.V, but in your favorite restaurant in (62″ style). or a quick weather update while you wait for your coffee in line without wasting any airtime browsing away. in this golden age anything is possible. Thanks to the human ability of endurance and innovation we have Digital Sign Displays Commonly controlled by Personal computer’s (laptop,tablet, smart phone). digital displays usually  use technologies like LCD, LED, Plasma or projected images to display a variety of information. they can be found in both public and private environments such as hotels, restaurants co-operate buildings.

Digital Signs are used everywhere in Tokyo

Digital Signs are used everywhere in Tokyo

Times Square Digital Signs

Times Square Digital Signs



  • Digital content is easy to update.

  • Influence customer behavior;  directing customers to different areas thereby increasing the “dwell time” on the store premises.

  • Menu Information; pricing, photos, services and other information about products on offer.

  • Advertise to the location of the sign e.g (during traffic hour)

  • It can save you money on printing/construction costs associated with an average paper sign.

China Currently Leads Inthe number of Digital Signs

China Currently Leads In the number of Digital Signs

China  currently leads the world in the number of digital sign displays used.(and we all know how that story’s going) This solution is the preferred alternative to any form of print solutions for brand building, the world keeps moving don’t get left behind.


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